Nimi Places 20170915 released

Build 20170915 of Nimi Places fixes shortcuts thumbnail creation and revises directories estimation.

Build 20170915 of Nimi Places fixes thumbnail creation of file-system type shortcuts not having icon specified, always falling back to generic, rather than trying to thumbnail those target. Additionally, directories (and container sub-directories) estimation has been revised.

Nimi Places 20170915

  • Revised directories estimation.
  • Revised dropping files and folders to sub-directories locking.
  • Changed container sub-directories threaded operations to use in-use counter.
  • Fixed and revised container sub-directories size and count estimation during observing.
  • Fixed container changes repaint scheduling.
  • Fixed container low-priority item processing.
  • Fixed dropping new files and folders at specified index for containers not sorted automatically.
  • Fixed file-system type shortcuts not having icon specified - fallback to generic icon without trying to thumbnail target.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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