Nimi Places 20170912 released

Latest version 20170912 of Nimi Places addresses multiple issues and adds shortcuts cache updating.

After over a month since the last build - today we release the latest version 20170912 of Nimi Places, which apart of addressing multiple issues (including display cache related) - adds limited shortcuts cache and those thumbnails updating. Additionally, it revises some of the collections.

Nimi Places 20170912

  • Added limited shortcuts data updating.
  • Added muxer updating.
  • Added shortcuts thumbnails updating.
  • Optimized collections emptying.
  • Optimized collections enlisting operations.
  • Optimized container themes redrawing calculations.
  • Optimized display cache initialization.
  • Optimized generating text with shadow.
  • Optimized restoring container items details and order.
  • Optimized retrieving mapped network drive actual share path.
  • Revised adding container items and specified index.
  • Revised container automatic sorting triggering.
  • Revised container viewport locking.
  • Revised containers sub-directories observing.
  • Changed fading and automatic sorting to use same synchronization mutex.
  • Removed display cache locking as replaced not updated any longer.
  • Revised container colorization changes handling.
  • Revised stream reading to use allocated memory buffers, instead of managed arrays.
  • Fixed actual file path being passed instead of text file content for thumbnails.
  • Fixed and revised container repaint scheduling.
  • Fixed changing container elements labels.
  • Fixed container automatic sorting not triggered for changes.
  • Fixed container ranges calculation.
  • Fixed container sub-directories count and size not being properly updated, when observing.
  • Fixed created shortcuts not being initially saved.
  • Fixed displays cache lookup optimization toggling.
  • Fixed ignored non-shared thumbnails not being removed on those file deletion.
  • Fixed item dragging not being disabled, when container automatic sorting is enabled.
  • Fixed launching applications via "open with" not working under some conditions due to using allowed operations types matching instead of extension matching.
  • Fixed matching via allowed operations types.
  • Fixed non-file system shortcuts cache restoring failure due to incorrect type flag.
  • Fixed observing directory availability being unloaded on directory observing failure.
  • Fixed one structure size being unspecified, when enumerating displays.
  • Fixed repeated sorting case condition for menu check adjustment.
  • Fixed selecting whole text when renaming items.
  • Fixed settings list colours being swapped.
  • Fixed some completion requiring delayed tasks not being repeated on failure, when closing application.
  • Fixed toggling container sorting order.
  • Fixed URI scheme recognition for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS protocols recognition.
  • Revised and fixed containers processing observed directory changes.
  • Inline container delayed tasks.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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