Nimi Places 20170713 released

Nimi Places 20170713 revises compositor and batch addresses numerous issues.

After almost two months since the last build, today we release latest version of Nimi Places 20170713.

In the latest version containers compositor has been revised to:

  • reduce required composition,
  • handle adjusting composition,
  • ignore requests when transparent.

Many issues related to detecting operational system version have been addressed as well.

Importantly, container positioning has been revised depreciating restoring container bounds per display configuration without considering those actual work area.

Nimi Places 20170713

  • Added PRINTCLIENT and PRINT requests containers support.
  • Optimized mouse coordinates processing.
  • Revised and optimized RGB to HSL conversion.
  • Revised automatic container position adjusting.
  • Revised compositor to handle composition adjusting.
  • Revised compositor to ignore non-composition adjusting requests when transparent.
  • Revised containers compositor to be reduce required composition.
  • Revised containers items ordering.
  • Revised desktop preview calculations.
  • Revised directory observing to use single buffer.
  • Revised modules initialization sequence and settings conversion.
  • Revised parallel initialization to support infinite threads.
  • Revised display cache initialization and changes notification.
  • Fixed and revised caches clearing during settings conversion.
  • Fixed and revised directories observing initialization.
  • Fixed and revised observing directory changes.
  • Fixed composition changes handling for empty containers.
  • Fixed composition options detection.
  • Fixed compressor elevation.
  • Fixed condition used for checking if container requires scrolling failing for small off-screen areas.
  • Fixed container position not being adjusted when adjusting all bounds.
  • Fixed container scrollbar initialization being omitted on some conditions when scrolling.
  • Fixed container scrolling, when starting to change bounds.
  • Fixed containers bounds could not be saved before changing displays configuration.
  • Fixed default opacity for containers.
  • Fixed double saving request on batch removing database entries.
  • Fixed file and folder rules missing one display condition.
  • Fixed generated file name for some files created using "new" menu.
  • Fixed generating file and folder rules description for place based condition.
  • Fixed images rotating.
  • Fixed language menu entries duplication.
  • Fixed newer operational system detection.
  • Fixed OS dependent API calls.
  • Fixed parallel initialization synchronization.
  • Fixed relative work area bounds being used instead of absolute.
  • Fixed repaint queue locking order.
  • Fixed repainting empty containers.
  • Fixed restoring shell queries cache.
  • Fixed settings menu offset calculation.
  • Fixed some API calls not made on main context.
  • Fixed sorting containers containing directories by extensions.
  • Depreciated restoring container bounds per display configuration without work area consideration.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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