Nimi Places 20170508 released

Nimi Places 20170508 addresses multiple minor issues and revises settings access.

Build 20170508 of Nimi Places addresses multiple minor issues and revises access to various settings.

Nimi Places 20170508

  • Added separate container grip margin.
  • Added support for shared extension handlers and type operations.
  • Enabled showing "open settings" menu option in tray icon context menu.
  • Optimized containers menu adjusting.
  • Revised collections types usage.
  • Revised containers directories enlisting.
  • Revised containers positioning.
  • Revised containers style toggling.
  • Revised GUI text.
  • Revised item size calculations.
  • Revised saving clipboard content.
  • Changed saving opaque images from clipboard to 100% quality.
  • Fixed and revised shared thumbnails concurrent retrieval.
  • Fixed containers clipboard operations to be asynchronous.
  • Fixed containers locked operations on single elements.
  • Fixed creating new folders from menu.
  • Fixed detecting theme changes.
  • Fixed detecting work group changes.
  • Fixed enlisting available languages and themes.
  • Fixed hiding and changing placement of container title for custom themes.
  • Fixed invalid structure used to pass window coordinates.
  • Fixed mistyped variable name, causing using same regular expression for verifying automatic updates credentials.
  • Fixed sorting dialog not scaling correctly.
  • Removed "quick settings" menu.
  • Removed invalid font "inherit" value from bundled themes.
  • Moved "automatic startup" from "quick settings" to other settings menu under settings.
  • Moved "languages" menu from "quick settings" to main menu.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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