Nimi Places 20170418 released

Nimi Places 20170418 cumulatively addresses numerous issues and focuses on improving structural quality.

Today, we release the latest build of Nimi Places 20170418. Aside of resolving many issues, it focuses on improving project structural quality - especially its robustness and resilience.

Depending on conditions, application core itself as well as containers should load faster. Some of the tasks have been delayed or simply rearranged to improve response times. Importantly, muxers utilization has been fixed and revised.

Nimi Places 20170418

  • Added support for ISO 639-2 language codes.
  • Addedd support for multiple display work areas.
  • Optimized and revised registry access.
  • Optimized clearing thumbnail service caches.
  • Optimized comparers use by using type specific.
  • Optimized container position saving.
  • Optimized container thread finalization.
  • Optimized directory size estimation.
  • Optimized display lookup.
  • Optimized retrieving shared thumbnails.
  • Revised arguments handling on launching processes.
  • Revised containers loading and unloading.
  • Revised display handling.
  • Revised displays enumeration.
  • Revised images loading.
  • Revised menus events handling.
  • Revised menus memory collection.
  • Revised message filters adjustment.
  • Revised muxers data saving and restore.
  • Revised network availability handling.
  • Revised single files and directories details retrieval.
  • Revised sorting by content.
  • Revised system visual styles support.
  • Changed automatic startup checking to be performed when selecting menu containing that option.
  • Changed container locking flags to enable exposing content, when not locking with passphrase.
  • Delayed "New" menu initialization.
  • Fixed and revised display lookup.
  • Fixed archive processing infinite loop.
  • Fixed collections lookup.
  • Fixed container open dialogs counter not being decreased on cancelling running as.
  • Fixed containers unregistering global event handlers.
  • Fixed image viewer crashing, when use of composition is allowed.
  • Fixed languages detection and those listing.
  • Fixed listing directories with no actual directories and only shortcuts to directories.
  • Fixed mounted drive label retrieval.
  • Fixed muxers data corruption on saving (lose and duplication).
  • Fixed requesting out of range undermouse element for drag and drop operations.
  • Fixed rules loading.
  • Fixed sorting by content not working due to missing reference.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.
  • Parallelized initialization.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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