Nimi Places 20161220 released

Nimi Places 20161220 brings minor fixes, optimizations and revisions.

Build 20161220 of Nimi Places fixes multiple minor issues and same as previous build - further optimizes application performance.

Nimi Places 20161220

  • Optimized containers file system listing.
  • Revised directories content listing.
  • Fixed collections zero-based elements count decrementation on certain removal related operations.
  • Fixed comparison extensions not being lower case.
  • Fixed container appearance style menu's selection not being handled.
  • Fixed multimedia front end capture dimension retrieval memory block not being allocated.
  • Fixed reversed (directories last, rather than first) file system listing order for unsorted and not manually organized containers.
  • Removed duplicate calculation of X-coordinate relative to element on mouse interaction.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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