Nimi Places 20160811 released

Latest build of Nimi Places 20160811 brings numerous revisions and fixes.

After over 5 months since the last build, today, we release the latest version of Nimi Places 20160811, code named Dagashi, that has been thoroughly revised.

Application should be more responsive and stable now, as containers input handling and overall interaction have been revised along with multiple important fixes.

One of those is fixing containers positioning system, which required its revision. Due to limitations, upon updating existing instance, only containers bounds for displays connected during updating existing instance will be resolved. Display set specific configurations, preferred displays order and other not resolved positioning information will be discarded. Migration should not affect instances using only primary display (containers displayed on those).

Nimi Places 20160811

  • Added option to create shortcut instead of copying, when pasting by holding shift key modifier.
  • Added support for dragging files to shortcuts pointing to the executables.
  • Revised clipboard support.
  • Revised container element rename operations initial processing.
  • Revised containers composition options.
  • Revised containers font typography computations.
  • Revised containers input handling.
  • Revised containers positioning system.
  • Revised containers themes loading.
  • Revised containers themes resources initialization and optimized those reusing.
  • Revised copy and cut operations files and folders list passing.
  • Revised directories listing.
  • Revised drag and drop files and folders list creation.
  • Revised element rename dialog.
  • Revised first time setup.
  • Revised foreground window related detection.
  • Revised label icons generation method.
  • Revised shifting and sorting operations.
  • Revised stream reading operations.
  • Revised supported shortcuts types handling.
  • Revised thumbnailing engine.
  • Revised time and date computations.
  • Revised time calibration.
  • Updated support for newer operational systems.
  • Changed shortcuts are copied instead of being linked when creating shortcuts.
  • Compacted core initialization routines.
  • Fixed and optimized container concurrent operations for actions on elements.
  • Fixed and revised available displays retrieval.
  • Fixed containers region handle not being released.
  • Fixed corral type collection lookup.
  • Fixed element copy and cut element operations.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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