Nimi Places 20160811 released

Latest build of Nimi Places 20160811 brings numerous revisions and fixes.

After over 5 months since the last build, today, we release the lat­est version of Nimi Places 20160811, code named Dagashi, that has been thoroughly revised.

Applica­tion should be more responsive ​and stable now, as con­tain­ers input handling ​and overall interac­tion have been revised along with multi­ple important fixes.

One of those is fixing con­tain­ers positioning system, which requir­ed its revision. Due to limita­tions, upon updating existing instance, only con­tain­ers bounds ​for dis­plays con­nect­ed during updating existing instance will be resolv­ed. Display set specific con­figura­tions, pre­ferr­ed dis­plays order ​and other not resolv­ed positioning informa­tion will be dis­card­ed. Migra­tion should not affect instances us­ing only primary dis­play (contain­ers dis­play­ed ​on those).

Nimi Places 20160811

  • Added option to create shortcut instead of copy­ing, when pasting by holding shift key modifier.
  • Added support ​for dragging files to shortcuts pointing to the executables.
  • Revised clipboard support.
  • Revised con­tainer ele­ment rename opera­tions initial process­ing.
  • Revised con­tain­ers composi­tion options.
  • Revised con­tain­ers font typography computa­tions.
  • Revised con­tain­ers input handling.
  • Revised con­tain­ers positioning system.
  • Revised con­tain­ers themes loading.
  • Revised con­tain­ers themes resources initial­ization ​and optimized those reus­ing.
  • Revised copy ​and cut opera­tions files ​and fold­ers list pass­ing.
  • Revised directories listing.
  • Revised drag ​and drop files ​and fold­ers list crea­tion.
  • Revised ele­ment rename dialog.
  • Revised first time set­up.
  • Revised foreground window relat­ed detec­tion.
  • Revised label icons genera­tion method.
  • Revised shifting ​and sorting opera­tions.
  • Revised stream reading opera­tions.
  • Revised support­ed shortcuts types handling.
  • Revised thumbnailing engine.
  • Revised time ​and date computa­tions.
  • Revised time calibra­tion.
  • Updat­ed support ​for newer operational systems.
  • Changed shortcuts are copied instead of being linked when creating shortcuts.
  • Compact­ed core initial­ization routin­es.
  • Fixed ​and optimized con­tainer con­current opera­tions ​for actions ​on elements.
  • Fixed ​and revised avail­able dis­plays retrieval.
  • Fixed con­tain­ers region handle not being released.
  • Fixed corral type collec­tion look­up.
  • Fixed ele­ment copy ​and cut ele­ment opera­tions.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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