Nimi Places 20150929 released

Vast number of issues addressed in latest Nimi Places 20150929 improving its stability and performance.

After almost two months since last build, today, we release latest version of Nimi Places 20150929 that addresses numerous issues and brings few changes.

In general, major goal for this release was to improve application smoothness and resolve any stability problems that stacked overtime. For this reason, modules which performance was not satisfactory or that were experiencing other issues have been either almost completely revised or removed.

Nimi Places 20150929

  • Revised clear cache dialog checkboxes logic.
  • Revised containers fading.
  • Revised containers hotkeys logic.
  • Revised containers item search.
  • Revised containers mouse messages handling.
  • Revised containers painting messages handling.
  • Revised containers scaling.
  • Revised creating container surfaces.
  • Revised generic icon generation.
  • Revised mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Revised operations locking.
  • Revised rules processing order.
  • Revised sandboxed asynchronous API calling wrapper.
  • Revised scrolling calculations.
  • Revised sorting by content.
  • Fixed buffer not being swapped, when only merging surfaces vertically.
  • Fixed collections crashing on certain lookup conditions.
  • Fixed collections element removing at index logic.
  • Fixed container unloading.
  • Fixed icon resources loading flags.
  • Fixed muxer cache data being copied, when creating copy.
  • Fixed name generation, when pasting clipboard content.
  • Fixed rules directory watching not being initialized.
  • Fixed single directory information retrieval.
  • Removed PDF support.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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