Nimi Places 20141209 revises collections and addresses reported issues.

Build 20141209 revises collec­tions types ​and optimizes those opera­tions as well as addr­esses report­ed issues like multi­media front end pre­venting applica­tion synchronous clos­ing.

Nimi Places 20141209

  • Added checking if notify icon is ​on primary dis­play.
  • Revised collec­tion types ​and those opera­tions (insert, item access etc.).
  • Fixed multi­media front end miss­ing con­ditional that was pre­venting its clos­ing ​on synchronous applica­tion clos­ing.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.