Nimi Web Cleanser 20141111 fixes frames requests filtering, optimizes visual patterns passing.

Build 20141111 of Nimi Web Cleanser fixes frames requests filtering ​and those visual clearing.

Secondly, it addr­esses con­tent secu­rity policy relat­ed issues.

Addition­ally, build optimizes visual patterns pass­ing between background ​and con­tent script.

Nimi Web Cleanser 20141111

  • Added removing of report-uri con­tent secu­rity policy header.
  • Optimized dynamic func­tions crea­tion.
  • Optimized images sizes filtering.
  • Revised settings pass­ing.
  • Fixed con­tent secu­rity policy head­ers names.
  • Fixed frames hiding.
  • Fixed frames requests filtering.
  • Fixed internal requests being filter­ed.
  • Fixed smart dropping parent node look­up.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Web Cleanser
Heuristic­ally filt­ers web ​for unknown threats.

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