Nimi Places 20140926 released

Nimi Places 20140926 fixes containers initialization issue and addresses multiple minor issues.

Build 20140926 of Nimi Places fixes containers initialization issue on some configurations.

Secondly, it brings multiple minor changes to components and addresses multiple minor non-critical issues like display of shortcuts having custom icons set.

Nimi Places 20140926

  • Added drive types cache updating.
  • Revised containers fading operations synchronization.
  • Revised directories listing shortcuts logic.
  • Changed created shortcuts to use only file name without extension.
  • Fixed container crashing error report generating, when not restarting container earlier.
  • Fixed container scrollbar edge margin for custom themes.
  • Fixed containers initialization issue on some configurations.
  • Fixed desktop not being captured on some conditions for preview control.
  • Fixed display of shortcuts having custom icons set.
  • Fixed loading of containers locations on storage devices not available prior to drive type cache initialization.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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