Nimi Cleanser 20140209 fixes compatibility with older browser versions and removal of dynamically loaded elements as well as brings minor optimizations.

Build 20140209 fixes compatibi­lity with older browser versions ​and removal of dynamic­ally load­ed elements like frames, images etc.

Addition­ally, build brings minor optim­izations like change from maps to switch statements ​for size checking.

Nimi Web Cleanser 20140209

  • Revised dynamic­ally load­ed elements removal.
  • Revised elements size checking.
  • Revised smart dropping.
  • Changed size map to switch.
  • Fixed blocked frames detec­tion ​and removal.
  • Fixed compatibi­lity with older browser versions.
  • Fixed shields counting.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Web Cleanser
Heuristic­ally filt­ers web ​for unknown threats.

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