Nimi Places 20130920 released

Nimi Places 20130920 completes refurbishing started in 2012 - bringing multiple fixes and updates along with improved accessibility.

After almost 5 months since last build, we release new version of Nimi Places. Code named HR it ends "2g" roadmap mentioned last November.

Development was focused on resolving user reported issues and improving application performance along with accessibility.

Some of changes consist of revision of thumbnailing engine, which now supports thumbnail updating for changed files or improved container graphical operations resulting in those smoother responsiveness.

New version also has improved support for newer operational systems.

Nimi Places 20130920

  • Added icon handling library.
  • Added items text buffering.
  • Added keyboard scrolling modifier - holding shift snaps to elements grid.
  • Added place based file and folders rules.
  • Added remembering drop position for new elements.
  • Added scrollbar interaction.
  • Added support for locked and changing files.
  • Revised container mouse events and sensitivity.
  • Revised container snapping calculations.
  • Revised containers drag and drop icon generation.
  • Revised containers elements queuing for load and repaint.
  • Revised containers internal management.
  • Revised containers item search.
  • Revised containers items indexing.
  • Revised containers scaling and elements calculations.
  • Revised controls.
  • Revised gui elements spacing.
  • Revised icons processing.
  • Revised internet shortcut files thumbnail generation.
  • Revised items text label generating.
  • Revised labels generation.
  • Revised listing directories contents.
  • Revised management of shared thumbnails .
  • Revised paths selection.
  • Revised quick setup gui.
  • Revised rules internal management.
  • Revised shell actions.
  • Revised sorting time estimation.
  • Revised sorting.
  • Revised stream handling functions.
  • Revised surface drawing and composition (shared and cached).
  • Revised system color scheme adaptation.
  • Updated collection types.
  • Updated compressor.
  • Updated database library.
  • Updated newer systems support.
  • Fixed container menu options visibility when using keyboard modifiers.
  • Fixed creating new file rename loop.
  • Fixed fading transitions timing and calculations.
  • Fixed place type container item index calculation when near edges.
  • Fixed round edges smoothing .
  • Fixed running from portable detection.
  • Fixed selection generation.
  • Fixed video playback not firing preceding playback callback.
  • Removed unused code.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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