Nimi Places 20121104 released

On 3rd September we wrote that Nimi Places 20120902 will be the last one of 1st generation build, with next one being 2nd generation.

Apparent­ly, we had to reconsider our publishing plans — both under popular demand ​and our internal con­sidera­tions (regarding e.g: qua­lity, cla­rity, long-term maintenance ​and future develop­ment) — resulting ​in decision to abandon idea of genera­tion based versioning ​and by so resume "1st generation" Nimi Places develop­ment.

As an result — while we have been notified by users of many issues ​and norm­ally those would be fixed ​on daily basis — although it was hard decision, we con­tinued to refurbish Nimi Places, with "2nd generation" road-map con­sidera­tion. This result­ed ​in almost 2 months without update, ​and most important 2 months of negative user experience. We would like to apologize ​for that.

Nevertheless, thanks to that, as ​for today we are proud to introduce new­est version of Nimi Places — codenamed "Rectify".

Most notice­able is performance increase — especi­ally perceiv­ed performance. As item repaint opera­tions are now queued: there are no artifacts (e.g. hover ones), there is less window repaint requests ​and as an result [almost] con­stant [anima­tion] timing could have been achiev­ed.

Secondly, revision of con­current opera­tions dependent code — like thumbnail requests ​or image scaling — allow­ed to increase bandwidth, reduce waiting time ​for shar­ed elements. Most important­ly it allow­ed to track ​and fix possible deadlocks.

Nimi Places 20121104

  • Added audio tag cache.
  • Added folder icon updat­es upon repr­esenting directory file changes (file addi­tion etc.).
  • Added folder in-line pre­view ​for support­ed types (current­ly music only).
  • Added ​for videos thumbnail service requests system thumbnails before try­ing to generate thumbnail.
  • Added hourglass pointer to appear before show­ing progr­ess dialog ​for sorting by con­tent, if execu­tion time might be notice­able.
  • Added keyboard shortcut ​for labels ​and switching con­tainer view mod­es (places type con­tainer).
  • Added labels icons ​in con­text menu.
  • Added new sample con­tain­ers layout to quick set­up.
  • Added retry option to pack theme feature ​in settings.
  • Added sorting by con­tent now analyses directories con­tents as well.
  • Added unified parallel elements repaint queue.
  • Improv­ed color support ​for themes.
  • Improv­ed default theme system color auto-adapt.
  • Optimized thumbnail saving formats.
  • Revised con­current thumbnail genera­tion.
  • Revised directory icon/thumbnail genera­tion.
  • Revised gui.
  • Revised icons requests.
  • Revised parallel ele­ment access.
  • Revised place type con­tainer item repaint.
  • Revised places type con­tainer scaling.
  • Revised theme painting ​for places type con­tainer.
  • Updat­ed compr­essor.
  • Changed directory sub-items count method.
  • Changed elements overlays to be paint­ed ​in con­tainer rendering process instead of ele­ment one.
  • Changed icons/thumbnails size to 96x96 px.
  • Changed places type con­tainer ele­ment text dis­play ​on hover.
  • Changed places type con­tainer selec­tion field transparency grada­tion.
  • Changed theme elements sizes.
  • Changed thumbnails ​and data extensions.
  • Changed icons ​for fixed grid icons view ​for places type con­tainer adjust to avail­able size.
  • Fixed audio tag process­ing.
  • Fixed clipboard file opera­tion issues.
  • Fixed con­tainer elements posi­tion not being restor­ed.
  • Fixed dis­play­ing tooltip ​for running applica­tions.
  • Fixed generat­ed thumbnails not add­ed to quick check cache upon genera­tion.
  • Fixed icons ​for internet shortcuts to non-shar­ed.
  • Fixed internet shortcut pars­ing fallback to system icon.
  • Fixed settings menu re-opening when open­ed ​and tray notifica­tion icon clicked.
  • Fixed shortcut parser freezing con­tainer when pars­ing some shortcuts.
  • Fixed some con­tain­ers could dis­appear while desktop was select­ed via "show desktop" .
  • Fixed some parti­ally visible elements not repainting.
  • Fixed sorting by con­tent dialog not hiding after successful opera­tion.
  • Remov­ed con­tain­ers con­current initialize limiter.
  • Remov­ed default dimmed theme.
  • Remov­ed folder tooltips.
  • Remov­ed places type con­tainer elements effects.
  • Remov­ed support ​for restoring custom icons when clearing cache.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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