Nimi Places for Web 20111021 released

Newest release of Nimi Places for Web comes with collection management enhancements - search feature. Collection can be now searched from navigation bar (with suggestions and quick navigation for matching queries) as well as from detailed search page for unmatched or complex queries.

Release includes also fixes to reported issues as well as other improvements - like option to open elements in incognito mode.

Nimi Places for Web 20111021

  • Added detailed search page.
  • Added navigation bar search support.
  • Added option to open links in incognito mode.
  • Fixed element selecting - selecting on right & left click cases.
  • Fixed thumbnail generation from icon.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.
Nimi Places for Web
Organizes start-page into customizable containers, displaying bookmarks & files.

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