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This elem­ent requ­ires CSS3 support.

Authentication session id is passed using POST method (with AJAX feedback when signing in), therefore could be limited to single browsing instance (tab or window) and not be restored upon those closure.

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Frequently asked questions


Can projects be downloaded without registering?
Most of projects can be download­ed by non-logged users by entering CAPTCHA ​for human verifica­tion. Although, there can be some projects ​or some of those releases (like night­ly versions) that can be download­ed only by logged users.
How to recover forgotten password?
We do not provide option to reset ​or remind password, due to credentials being stor­ed as scrambled collisional SHA1 hash.
What are benefits of registering?
Register­ed users gain access (depending ​on author­ization level) to some sec­tions ​or enable featur­es not accessible ​for non-logged page visitors. Also some of projects services, like autoupdate, require account authentica­tion.

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